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Our practice philosophy emphasizes straightforward talk.

That's why -- before the formal engagement begins -- we clarify with our clients the goals they seek, the options available, and what we will do to get them there.

Likewise, we work to implement those solutions efficiently. Nothing can substitute for knowledge, training and experience, but improvements can be found using technology.The firm makes use of all available technology. Document preparation software is employed, either custom-built for our practice, or off-the-shelf. Increasingly, a wealth of information is available on-line. The firm makes use of the Internet, for example, to do research, download government forms, or find valuations for property and real estate, thereby saving time and the expense of research by staff out of the office.

This same philosophy informs our approach to structuring fees. Hourly billing is disfavored by this firm. Why should the client pay for how long it takes? It's the value of the particular service that's being purchased, not the time. Flat fees are quoted, whenever possible. Where the effort is uncertain, as in litigation with an unknown adversary and uncertain issues, the firm provides an estimate at the consultation, and divides the project into stages, to permit the client to pay as the project develops. The client is in control at every stage. We insist on avoiding billing surprises.

Finally, personalized attention is one of the distinguishing features of the service provided by a small office. Unlike in a large firm, you are not one of many clients to us. You are not just another legal matter. You matter.

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