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Alexandria Bankruptcy Lawyer; Alexandria Chapter 7 Attorney

For those who are facing crushing debt and are looking for an Alexandria bankruptcy lawyer to help learn about their options, I can help. As a Virginia bankruptcy lawyer, I help clients understand the range of options that may be available to them if they are facing insurmountable debt so that the can make an informed decision about what option is best for them. Once I learn about their circumstances, I can advise them of their eligibility in file bankruptcy under Chapter 7, Chapter 13, or other bankruptcy chapters.

If you are considering Chapter 7 bankruptcy in Alexandria or want to learn more about the options available, the first step is for us to meet so that I can learn about your financial circumstances. This includes the amount and type of debt (secured or unsecured) that you have, if you have joint obligations with a spouse or another person, and if you have a business debt or guarantees.

I will also need to learn about the significant assets that you might have, such as a house and vehicles, and the amount of equity in these assets (equity in an asset is equal to the current fair market value of the asset less any amount still owed for the asset). Then, I will want to know about your plans for these assets.

Virginia law provides that those filing for a Chapter 7 bankruptcy are usually able to protect some of their assets from creditors under applicable bankruptcy provisions. These provisions are somewhat complex; when I meet with you I can explain how these provisions work. Once all of your assets are identified and the fair market value of the assets is known, we can determined what assets may be exempt.

I Help Clients Develop a Full Solution Based Upon Their Circumstances and Applicable Law

When your complete financial picture is understood and your wishes are known, I will explain the options available in seeking to obtain your objectives. If Virginia Chapter 7 bankruptcy or Chapter 11 bankruptcy is a consideration, I will answer your questions about this process.

Alexandria Bankruptcy Filings for Chapter 7 and other Bankruptcy Cases

Bankruptcy is governed under Federal law, and bankruptcy proceedings are administered under Federal Bankruptcy Court. For clients residing in Alexandria, bankruptcy proceedings are part of the Alexandria Division of the United States Bankruptcy Court - Eastern District of Virginia. Hearings are held at:

200 S. Washington St.
Alexandria, VA 22314-5405.

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I am currently offering a consultation so that I can learn about your circumstances, and so that you can ask any questions that you might have about your options. I would also invite you to learn more bankruptcy in Virginia by reading the informational messages on this website.

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