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If you are looking for a Bethesda bankruptcy lawyer, I would invite you to call me to learn about the options for filing a Chapter 7 bankruptcy, as well as the other bankruptcy and non-bankruptcy options that are available. I offer a consultation so that you can learn about these options.

I know well that the decision to file bankruptcy often does not come easy. Most of us were brought up to believe that we should always pay all of our debts, and those who don’t are “bad” people.

This is not the case.

Frequently, bankruptcy is a result of divorce, illness, job loss, or other significant financial circumstances beyond our control. The real estate fiasco and the economic meltdown have caused our homes to be “underwater,” and have led to high unemployment (which in turn has caused many businesses to fail).

The fact is, bankruptcy happens to ordinary people trying to live frugally and do the right thing, and usually not as the result of living an extravagant lifestyle.

I understand.

Our firm represents clients in Bethesda and throughout Maryland and northern Virginia in helping those with insurmountable debt understand their options. I meet with clients to understand their situation so that together we can develop a plan for recovery from their current financial situation. If Chapter 7 bankruptcy is the right option, I represent clients in all associated legal matters, help them understand the exempt asset laws for Maryland, and help them get through the process.

If you are facing overwhelming debt, the chances are that your financial outlook will not get better anytime soon no matter how hard you might try. At some point, a new course of action is required. I can help.

If You are Seeking a Bethesda Bankruptcy Lawyer, Please Call to Schedule a Consultation at a Time that is Convenient with Your Schedule.

At this meeting I can answer any questions you have, and together we can discuss a plan for going forward with whatever option is right for you to help you regain financial stability. The sooner that you call me, the sooner we can get started in trying to create a new financial future for you.

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