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At the consultation, we will listen carefully to all your concerns. We will review your documents, identify the particular problems in your case, and present all the options available to resolve your situation based upon your goals.

Once we have a better idea of what your case is, and what effort will be needed by our firm to fix the problem in the way you wish, we will be able to quote you a figure.

We prefer flat fees always. Some cases, especially when they are likely to be heavily contested, or involve novel issues, cannot be handled on a flat fee however, and are charged on an hourly rate.  Nevertheless, you will get an estimate upfront, and the case handled in stages. You will be kept fully informed of the case as it progresses and are free to change course or stop the project, as you see fit.

In any case, no matter goes forward without a written agreement. Call for a consultation and see if the firm can handle the problem you have within your budget.

Price shopping is no way to make a selection.  You'll find that most bankruptcy attorneys charge within a narrow range, anyway.

Hiring an attorney is not like buying a commodity product. Like a physician, or any professional, you must be comfortable with the individual, and know that he can handle the problem you have in an efficient and effective manner.

See, also, our new FINANCED BANKRUPTCY program for basic consumer cases.  If you qualify, you will have attorney representation -- and peace of mind -- starting with a minimal down payment.

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