FINANCED BANKRUPTCY℠ -- $95 To Start Your Case

FINANCED BANKRUPTCY℠ -- Attorney-Provided Bankruptcy Services You Can Afford

THE PROBLEM: You know you need the powerful relief from money problems that bankruptcy provides. The harassing calls from collectors just won’t stop. You can’t sleep at night. You don’t even want to look at your mail or answer the door fearing you’re getting notice for a lawsuit. You don’t know when you’ll be getting a call from payroll that your wages will be garnished or a bank letter telling you your account has been frozen. Every day is a struggle.

Bankruptcy, you’ve read, could be a way out of this mess. You’ve learned you have a legal right under federal law to erase debt and get on with your life. You’re interested, but feeling too cash-strapped to pay for legal help. And you know filing it yourself is risky, putting your money and property in jeopardy if you don’t know what you’re doing.

THE SOLUTION: Our bankruptcy and tax law firm is starting a new trial program to try to address this problem for people with debt problems. We’re calling it FINANCED BANKRUPTCY℠. We know from almost twenty-five years of law practice that a remedy to the nerve-wracking stress of a financial situation is the comfort of having an experienced lawyer to counsel you on the law and be your representative to face creditors. Once you have an attorney and tell your creditors that, most of the calls stop, because:

  1. A debt collector is legally barred from calling you once you have told them you will not pay. Telling them you have hired a bankruptcy attorney is basically the same as saying you will not pay, and most will stop. (Note that they will your attorney’s office to confirm and ask when you will be filing.)
  2. Once the case is filed, all creditors are legally barred from any enforcement action, including making collection calls. And, since they cannot be sure when you will file, the internal policy of most is to stop calling to avoid violating the bankruptcy court’s “automatic stay.”
  3. If the collector is an attorney, they are legally barred from contacting an individual who is represented by another attorney under the professional ethics rules of most state bar associations.

If you qualify, you will have:

  • Legal representation by our law firm from the moment you sign the contract and make the initial $95 payment.
  • You make weekly payments and take up to five months to pay the rest of the fees and costs.
  • We will:
    • Take the calls from creditors (and possibly sue them if they call you illegally).
    • Be available to advise you on legal issues on which you have questions
    • And best of all: Give you peace of mind and a chance to live normally again.

Be wary of providers advertising “inexpensive,” “low-cost,” or “cheap” bankruptcy: You will get what you pay for. It takes attorney time and money to respond to your questions. They won’t give you answers. We get way too many calls from disappointed folks who went with them and got no service.

Call right now and make an appointment for a consultation. We look forward to helping you.

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