Maryland Trial Lawyer

Trial law is a very specialized skill that not every attorney can do well, or is even willing to do. This is especially true if the case involves financial concepts.

Our office has litigated cases for a diverse clientele in a variety of forums in actions that included securities arbitration, federal tax, collections, will contests, and bankruptcy court actions to stop a discharge of a client’s debt. As a Maryland trial lawyer, I and this firm represent clients throughout Maryland.

Although most disputes are resolved by settlement, sometimes the only way to put a matter to rest is to go to court. Only in a judicial forum do you get an independent decision-maker, a well-defined process with a clear set of rules, and the power of a court judgment to compel the action you need from another party and/or get compensation for the damages to make you whole.

Whether your case is still in the "what should I do" stage or is one ripe for appeal, our firm uses has the experience, knowledge, and courtroom savvy to give you a winning advantage.

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