Manassas, Virginia

Manassas is an independent city of 38,000 people located within Prince William County, Virginia. The city is most famous as the site of the first major land battle of the Civil War. It celebrated the 150th anniversary of that battle in July, 2011. In 1861, the area that would become Manassas was just a railroad crossing known as Manassas Junction. It became an incorporated town in 1873 and an independent Virginia city in 1975. Today, Manassas balances its historical heritage with its status as a large suburb of the Washington, DC, area. Old Town Manassas, near the city’s center, offers a destination for tourists and history buffs. The Manassas Museum System maintains a large museum and a network of historic sites around the town.

Manassas presents many opportunities for quality of life. However, should a person or business in Manassas experience financial trouble, Virginia law can also offer protection and peace of mind. Bankruptcy can be an effective way to resolve debts when they exceed your ability to pay them, but it can also be a difficult process full of anxieties over losing one’s home or belongings. If you find yourself needing to consider bankruptcy, a Manassas bankruptcy attorney who has experience with the system can educate you about how the process works and what rights you have.

Most of the bankruptcy laws come from the U.S. Congress, but Virginia sets its own rules regarding the exemption of property during a bankruptcy proceeding. Your case will be filed in a bankruptcy court, where the judge will appoint a trustee to handle your case. The trustee’s job is to oversee payment of your debts, and the main way to do that is to sell or liquidate your assets to provide money to pay the debts. The law allows exemption of certain property to protect you from losing everything.

The exemption rules describe the maximum value of property you may exclude from the bankruptcy case. You may exempt a certain amount of real estate if you have designated it as your homestead. Similarly, you may keep personal property up to a certain value, such as an automobile, family heirlooms, clothing, and jewelry. Most of your wages are protected, as well as property you need to make a living. Certain financial property like retirement accounts are also protected. An experienced Manassas bankruptcy attorney will conduct a thorough investigation of your assets and help you take the largest exemption permitted by law. Your attorney must be thoroughly familiar with bankruptcy in Virginia.

The Law Office of Edward Gonzalez is located at 8200 Greensboro Dr, 9th Floor, McLean, Virginia 22101. From Manassas, head north on State Route 28 for about 7 miles. Merge onto Interstate 66 E towards Washington, and go about 11 miles. Take Exit 64B for Interstate 495 and merge onto I-495 N. After 2.5 miles, take the exit for Chain Bridge Road and follow the signs to Chain Bridge Road. Turn right on International Drive, then left on Greensboro Drive. The office will be on your left.

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