Our Guarantees and Promises

The rules of professional conduct for lawyers do not permit us to guarantee specific results in legal cases.

However, for ourselves, we can make the following promises to our clients:

1. You will be treated with respect.

You’re probably already beating yourself up. The last thing you need is for another person to come along and make you feel worse. Everybody, no matter what problems they are facing or station in life, has dignity. We operate by that principle.

2. We will answer your questions.

This is a stressful and trying time for you. Calls from collectors trying to push your buttons, summons for lawsuits, conflicting advice from friends and family -- you’re bewildered and need solid answers. We understand that. Unlike some “bankruptcy mills,” we have attorneys and paralegals with decades of experience and knowledge. We want to share it with you. We can’t always come to the phone at the instant you call, but we will get back to you, and give you the explanations that will ease your concerns.

3. You will not be overcharged.

The fact is that, in bankruptcy, all attorneys, in a specific locale, charge within a few hundred dollars of each other. That is not much when you compare against the tens of thousands you are eliminating, but it does matter when you compare the service will get, or more accurately, NOT get, when you are looking for the low-ball quote. See my blog post where I discuss the major reasons there is no such thing as a bargain fee in bankruptcy.

4. We will be honest with you.

There are some service providers, unfortunately, who try to steer clients to the decision that benefits them most instead of the client. We would not be happy with ourselves doing that. We saw way too much of that from some shady realtors and mortgage brokers who helped generate the economic collapse. We see our roles solely as counselors. Our job is to analyze your situation and then present all the legal options, including not filing at all if that is in the client’s best interest. You may see us hesitate when you ask us for a recommendation. We prefer you make the decision. We respect your intelligence and feelings. Only you know what is best for you.

5. We will not waste your time.

We are of the belief that you should leave the consultation thoroughly briefed on your situation and what can be done to address it. You made the effort to meet with us personally. We want to make your effort worthwhile. We have the knowledge and years of experience to know what issues will come up in cases. You will not leave our meeting empty-handed.

6. We know our stuff.

The principal of this law firm has been practicing for almost 25 years -- 15 years of that handling bankruptcy cases. He has taught bankruptcy law to other attorneys. Our senior paralegal has worked in law offices for about 20 years, including 7 years in this office focusing on our specialty. We didn’t start doing financial law since 2007 when the economic crisis hit like a lot of other unemployed and underemployed lawyers looking for growth areas. We resolve issues in complex cases every day. We are confident we can help you with yours.

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