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For those facing overwhelming debt, bankruptcy can be an incredible option to regain financial independence. Instead of facing a future of years of working to pay off credit cards, Chapter 7 bankruptcy offers an opportunity to have most or all credit card debt discharged, and well as many other debts (except for some very limited circumstances where debt may not be discharged).

Clients seeking a Rockville bankruptcy lawyer want someone with whom they trust with very personal information about their finances. They want someone who will not judge them, and who will provide them with considered advice about their options. They want someone who will take a great interest in their matter, and treat them with respect. They also want a Rockville bankruptcy lawyer that will charge a reasonable fee for diligent services.

I understand.

I meet with clients and help them understand the options that are available to help them regain a fresh start. My goal when working with clients is to first get a comprehensive understanding of their situation so that I can clearly explain the advantages and disadvantages of various opportunities that they may have. Together, we develop a plan around their objectives. Often, bankruptcy is the best option.

Chapter 7 Rockville Lawyer

For clients in Rockville and others in Maryland, I do more than just prepare Chapter 7 bankruptcy filings. I help clients develop solutions.

I work with clients to help them understand how the bankruptcy laws will affect their debt, I answer the many questions that clients have (like whether a Maryland Chapter 7 bankruptcy will affect their job, and how soon they will be able to apply for credit), and am with them throughout the course of their bankruptcy.

I know that a decision to file for bankruptcy can be difficult. I also know that the events that lead to a bankruptcy are usually outside the control of most people. Our legislatures also realizes this fact, which is precisely why they enacted the bankruptcy laws – to help those adversely affected by illness, divorce, business failure, job loss, and other external events.

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I have long represented clients in Rockville and throughout Maryland, and would look forward to learning about your situation and working with you to develop a plan of action to move forward. I offer a consultation so that you can ask any questions that you might have about your circumstances.

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